Tridosha Hara
Tridosha Hara is the understanding of plants as the result of harmony between 3 essences: vata, pitta and kapha. Tvam’s cruelty free Keshaposhana Hair Color range is inspired by this synergy, and is made of plant ingredients that give nutrition to the scalp and hair. Created with the synergy of 3 essences, the idea of Tridosha can be broken down into vatta, pitta and kapha. Each a balanced embodiment of elements that exist within all Hara, or plants. At the heart of Tridosha Hara lies the importance of balance. An interruption to these, is the cause of physical degradation. At Tvam, we base our Keshaposhana Hair Color range around this synergy. Our cruelty free hair dyes are made to promote and maintain this balance in our ingredients, and help in nourishing and maintaining your scalp and hair.