We collaborate with various businesses too!

Hotel & Spas

Give your guests a pleasant and differentiated experience when they choose to stay at your hotel or visit your spa. You can welcome them with fresheners and hand-sanitizers, treat them in their room with special toiletries and personal care products and give them a superb spa treatment unlike anything they would’ve experienced.

You have a range to choose from that caters to luxury to budget stays. For your spa, you can offer premium, natural massage oils and care products that complement the types of treatments your guests choose.

Contract Manufacturing

Get the convenience of sourcing the best products made with the finest natural ingredients certified and complying with strict quality control in the procurement, extraction, and manufacturing processes. Take comfort in the fact that you will be working with cultivators who are certified organic by top certification bodies, extract essential oils using the most modern extraction processes and equipment.

Whether you would like us to create formulations like that all-natural, Ayurvedic and follow aromatherapy to suit you, or have your own proprietary formulations and would like us to manufacture it to your specification, we can do that.


All-natural products are a great gifting option for a wide variety of occasions.

Appreciate an employee for a job well done, thank a business partner for their support, send love and gratitude to friends and family, or share the joy of weddings with guests who have participated on the special occasion

Make it customised and unique to reflect how you feel about them. Choose or customize from a premium range of products and show them you care.