Daily Beauty Pack - Oily Face
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Face Wash - Charcoal & Green Tea - Oily Skin - 200ml
Face Pack - Sandalwood - 100gms
Aloevera Gel - Sea Buckthorn - 100gms
Sunscreen Lotion - Lavender - 200ml
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How To Use

Face Wash - Charcoal & Green Tea - Oily Skin - 200ml: Moisten the face and apply a small amount of face wash and gently massage on skin in a circular upward motion. Wash off and pat dry.


Face Pack - Sandalwood - 100gms: Cleanse the face with a Tvam face wash and dry. Use a teaspoon of the face pack and make a thin paste with some water, cucumber water or milk depending on the skin type. Apply the pack on the face, neck or any desired part of the body avoiding the eyes. Let it dry completely. Wash thoroughly, pat dry, apply any Tvam lotion or cream all over the face.


Aloevera Gel - Sea Buckthorn - 100gms: Apply the Gel on the body (including face, neck & hands). Apply before makeup to prevent the harsh ingredients from the makeup getting deep into the skin. For the hair, mix just half the amount of TVAM natural shampoo used normally for each hair wash with twice the amount of Aloe Vera Gel. Apply on wet hair. For most hair (especially short hair) there is no need for a conditioner after.


Sunscreen Lotion - Lavender - 200ml: Apply a small amount to the desired area and massage until fully absorbed.

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