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Tvam’s organic Kumkumadi Oil is a miracle serum for skin. Made with organically harvested ingredients, our Kumkumadi Oil is a modern ayurvedic blend of luxuriant Kumkumadi oil, rose oil, ashwagandha and premium sandalwood. Packed in with a lightweight sesame oil, our Kumkumadi Oil serum absorbs effortlessly into your skin, carrying with it the goodness of more than 20 ayurvedic herbs.

The Wonders of Kumkumadi Face Oil for Bright and Glowing Skin.

Demystify your skin care routine with Kumkumadi oil.

Painstakingly harvested from the Kumkum flowers on the foothills of the Himalayas, Kumkumadi oil works its magic on dry, ageing skin. With continuous use, Kumkumadi oil deeply repairs the face – improving its texture while adding a healthy, ethereal glow!


What is Kumkumadi Oil?

Popularly known as ‘saffron’ or ‘kesar’, Kumkumadi oil is obtained from Kumkum flowers that grow in the foothills of the Himalayas of Kashmir. Meticulously harvested, Kumkumadi oil is one of the most difficult and expensive oil to produce. A few grams of pure Kumkumadi oil can cost well over a few thousand! It’s no wonder then that Kumkumadi oil is held in such high regard.

Ancient texts such as the Ayurveda speak highly of its medicinal properties, and Kumkumadi has been held up as a symbol of luxury throughout the history of India. Although Kumkum strands are red in colour, they release a gorgeous golden-yellow hue when mixed with milk, and has been referred to as a ‘golden spice’ throughout Indian households.


The Ayurveda on Kumkumadi Oil.

Botanically known as Crocus Sativus, the healing properties of Kumkumadi oil were originally referred to in the historical Ayurveda, where Kumkum is considered to be a part of the ‘Varnya gana’, that is, a group of complexion healing herbs, and was said to pacify all 3 ‘doshas’ of the body – Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

The health benefits of Kumkumadi oil range from nourishing the heart, to boosting the body’s overall immune system. The dispelling of Kumkum’s beautiful, golden-yellow hue signifies the presence of carotenoids, which have been extensively scientifically studied and proven to reduce the development of cancer.

Tvam of course follows a modern, scientific approach to Ayurveda. Kumkumadi oil’s generous benefits are scientifically considered and paired with the most compatible ingredients to make our miraculous Kumkumadi Oil. We ensure that our Kumkumadi oil is sourced organically, as the Ayurveda intended it to be, and choose only the best of Kumkum produce to create a luxurious, glow enhancing Kumkumadi oil for the skin.


How does Kumkumadi Oil benefit our skin?

Living life in the modern fast lane can lead to digressions when it comes to our health. The constant ravages of dirt, pollution, heat, and sun exposure quickly lead to premature ageing, pigmentation, dullness, and acne.

In such times, Kumkumadi oil is the miracle agent that your skin misses out on. An ayurvedic herb, historically known for its healing properties, the rare and exotic Kumkumadi flower is enriched with natural antioxidants that repair your skin’s texture, leaving it spotless and glowing.

Kumkumadi oil repairs the appearance of scars, lightens the skin, promotes circulation, and smoothens out fine lines. Kumkumadi oil naturally contains Crocin, which is scientifically proven to reduce pigmentation and inflammation, and acts as a natural barrier when held against harmful UV radiation from the sun.

The benefits of Kumkumadi oil can be best felt when used daily. When mixed with a light carrier oil such as that of sesame seeds, Kumkumadi oil can seep easily into your skin and work its delightful magic. Simply massage Kumkumadi oil into your face just before you sleep, and you can wake up to supple, glowing skin that requires little to no effort in the morning. Kumkumadi oil can also boost the strength of your sunscreen, since Kumkumadi oil adds an additional skin barrier to help protect you from harmful UV radiation.

If you are struggling with acne scars or skin marks, introducing Kumkumadi oil into your treatment can help reduce their visibility. Tvam’s organic Kumkumadi Oil comes with additional toners, brighteners, and skin softeners to create a visible difference. Consult your dermatologist if they have already prescribed a scar fading cream and ask if you can include consistent day to day applications of our Kumkumadi Oil into your daily routine.


Introducing Kumkumadi Oil into your skin care routine.

The easiest way to add Kumkumadi oil into your skin care routine is by using a Kumkumadi oil extract. Theoretically, pure Kumkumadi oil can be added to a mixture of honey or ubtan for a quick kitchen made fix. But purchasing a natural, organic Kumkumadi oil, such as the one by Tvam, gives better results for minimal effort.

Always ensure that your Kumkumadi oil comes with a light carrier oil that is easy for your skin to soak in. Heavier, more popular oils such as castor and coconut are a big no. Instead, look for lighter carriers for Kumkumadi to do the trick. Tvam’s Kumkumadi Oil is specifically carried into the skin with a light weight, organic formula of sesame oil, which allows the Kumkumadi oil, along with over 20 other ingredients, to easily absorb its benefits into the skin.

In general, oils are best suited as sealants for existing hydration and moisture in your skin. It is therefore imperative that you wash and cleanse your face before using Kumkumadi oil and only apply the Kumkumadi oil exactly when your skin is damp and rich from the water’s hydration. Tvam’s Kumkumadi Oil can pair perfectly with your night-time skin serums which include hyaluronic acid or vitamin C. Kumkumadi oil’s existing benefits will ensure that their effects last better and longer on your skin.

Kumkumadi oil can also be added into your morning routine as a toner. Simply infuse Kumkumadi oil with your favourite natural toner. Witch hazel and rose water work the best. Leave the Kumkumadi oil inside the bottle to infuse for 1-2 days, and spray the tonic on to your face in the morning. With regular use, you’ll notice an additional glow and smoothness.

Introducing Kumkumadi oil into your skin care routine is an extremely easy task, especially with Tvam’s clean, organic products. Simply ensure that you understand the exact purpose of Kumkumadi oil and blend it seamlessly with your existing routine. When applied topically, Kumkumadi oil is guaranteed to boost your skin’s health.


What makes our Kumkumadi Oil so revitalizing?

Tvam’s Kumkumadi Oil comes packed with naturally occurring and organically extracted ingredients that ensure your skin’s overall health. If you want to add a power packed boost to your skin care, look no further than our Kumkumadi Oil!

Rose oil is a perfect, age-old skin toner, ashwagandha is known for its anti-microbial properties, and the premium, brightening effect of sandalwood is an added boost to the existing glow provided by Kumkumadi oil. Furthermore, antioxidants are given an encouraging boost with the addition of green tea, vetiver goatmilk, lotus and geranium extracts, with fenugreek extracts for additional hydration.

Tvam’s Kumkumadi Oil also includes spot treatment ingredients for blemishes. Natural extracts of brahmi and padmaka are perfect for fading marks on the skin.

Our Kumkumadi Oil is also packed with anti-ageing ingredients such as manjishtha, liquorice, banyan tree extract, basil leaf extract, juniperberry extract and comfrey extract. Not only do they boost the skin’s turnover rate, but they also improve its firmness and smooth out the fine lines and wrinkles. Our organically extracted ingredients such as sepilift dphp and sepic time code are European sourced and ECOCERT certified, adding a powerful boost to the skin’s natural collagen production.

Our blend of Kumkumadi Oil includes additional skin soothing benefits. Nutmeg and brezel wood extracts have immense anti-inflammatory properties, while extracts from the Indian water hyacinth have a great effect on dark circles.



Of course, natural ingredients may not always suit everyone. While most people’s skin and bodies take easily to Kumkumadi oil, it may not be the same for all. This goes for every ingredient, natural or otherwise. As a general rule, it’s important to test out any new addition to your skin care, even if it’s organically harvested as in the case of our Kumkumadi Oil, with a patch test to check for allergies.

It is important to consider that initial breakouts of mild pimples may not be allergic reactions. With products such as our Kumkumadi Oil, it is important to give the skin a chance to adjust and purge before abandoning the treatment entirely.


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