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  1. Rosemary & Mint

    Hair Cleanser - Rosemary Jojoba - Normal & Oily Hair - 200ml

    Rosemary & Jojoba Shampoo is specially formulated with the unique blends of oils to soften hair that has become coarse and is perfect for normal and oily hair. Rosemary and Jojoba Oil improves itchy, flaky scalp, dandruff and prevents hair loss and graying. Jojoba, Aloe Vera, Amla and Shikakai are found to be ideal moisturizers and conditioners which are derived from natural plants and also promotes healthy scalp and hair. Learn More
  2.  Hair Cleanser - Neem Green Tea - Anti-Dandruff - 200ml

    Hair Cleanser - Neem Green Tea - Anti-Dandruff - 200ml

    Neem Green Tea Anti-Dandruff Shampoo helps fight against heavy dandruff, flaky scalp, and hair disorders where Tea Tree and Neem oil helps in these functions. It removes dead cells and follicles to repair damaged hair and energises the scalp rebalancing the sebum. Basil and Green Tea extracts help in neutralizing the harmful action of free radicals and helps to keep the hair soft and shiny. Learn More
  3. Hair Cleanser - Henna Extra Conditioning - Dry Hair - 200ml

    Hair Cleanser - Henna Extra Conditioning - Dry Hair - 200ml

    Henna Extra Conditioning Shampoo prevents hair loss while activating the roots for hair growth where Bhringraj is an ancient ayurvedic ingredient that plays the main role. It deep cleanses the follicles, providing moisture and nourishment. It also conditions and energizes the scalp and hair shaft to improve the appearance of thin, frizzy hair, leaving them soft, shiny and beautiful which is perfect for dry hair. Learn More

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