Hair Oil - Hair Care

  1. 21 herbs Anti Stress Hair Oil

    TVAM's Ekavimshakti 21 Herbs Anti-Stress Hair Oil lets loose an army of 21 potent herbs that constitute this light textured formulation, fight stress, treat your hair and scalp, and uplift your mood.

  2. Neem & Green Tea Anti-Dandruff Hair Oil

    TVAM's Anti-Dandruff Hair Oil treats oily, itchy, flaky scalps with the power of Neem and the goodness of Green Tea. Their antifungal, antibacterial properties treat inflammation and impurities in the scalp, simultaneously moisturizing and restoring an even skin texture and tone.

  3. Henna Hair Oil

    This powerful mix of ayurvedic ingredients is the perfect solution for people struggling with hair fall, dry scalps, premature greying and split ends. Containing the Miracle 5, that is Bhringraj, Brahmi, Amla, Methi & Shikakai, the TVAM Henna Hair Growth Oil deeply nourishes and conditions your hair to grow thick, strong and shiny.

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Hair Oil - Hair Care