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The 24 Carat Gold Dust Aloe Vera Gel with Honey is a luxurious blend that penetrates deep in the skin making it look radiant, rich and healthy. The gel ensures spotless, even toned skin. Douse your skin in the luxury of 24 Carat Gold for a youthful everlasting glow.

- The gel imparts a youthful radiance and glow to the skin.
- It is extremely hydrating and moisturising for all skin types.
- It protects and prevents the skin from sun damage.
- The soothing and relaxing gel is great for face and body massage.
- Skin texture and complexion is visibly improved.

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- Honey seals moisture in the skins deepest layers making it healthy and youthful.
- The luxurious 24 carat Gold Dust enhances beauty with a radiant glow.
- The skin is protected from harmful UV rays.
- Blemishes and dark spots are lightened and complexion is improved.
- Aloe Vera soothes the skin preventing any irritation and inflammation.


- Apply the gel every morning on your skin with a gentle circular motion 15 minutes before sun exposure.

Aloe Vera
- Celebrated for its many skincare benefits, Aloe Vera is a great humectant that seals in long-lasting moisture. One of the best natural ingredients to cure dry skin issues, this ingredient hydrates and stimulates skin regeneration.

Gold Dust (swarnabhasma)
- Gold Dust penetrates deep into the skin making it appear radiant. It fades dark spots and boosts collagen production making the complexion glow and appear healthy.

- Honey keeps the skin immensely hydrated. It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that protect and prevents the skin from sun damage and other skin issues.

- Saffron has a long history in ancient Ayurveda traditions to enhance beauty, improve complexion, and promote skin health. It treats ailments like pigmentation, dark circles, pimples and acne, and lightens darkened skin.

A natural astringent, lotus ensures to clean out clogged pores and create a smooth finish. Lotus generously hydrates the skin leaving it soft and youthful. The sweet floral fragrance of lotus makes a great mood uplifter.

Gold Dust Powder(Swarnabhasma)-0.1%, Turmeric Oil-0.1%, Sandalwood Oil-0.1%, Saffron Ext(Kesar)-0.5%, Rose Ext(Gulab)-1%, Lotus Ext(Kamal)-1%, Liquorice(Yashtimadhu)-1.5%, Indian Ginseng(Ashwagandha)-1.5%, Basil Ext(Tulsi)-1.5%, Aloe Vera Gel(Ghrit Kumari)-35%, Apple(Seb)-1.5%, Mulberry(Morus Indica)-1%, Comfrey Ext-1.5%, Glycerine-4%, Gel Base-Q.S. Preservatives: Sodium Benzoate-0.1%, Potassium Sorbate-0.1%, Benzyl Alcohol-0.3%.

  • Cruelty-Free Cruelty-Free
  • Ayurvedic Formulation Ayurvedic Formulation
  • Organically Grown Organically Grown
  • Vegetarian Ingredients Vegetarian Ingredients
  • Parabens Free Parabens Free
  • Phthalates or Toxic Chemicals Free Phthalates or Toxic Chemicals Free
  • Sodium Chloride Free Sodium Chloride Free
  • Sulphates Free Sulphates Free
  • Silicones Free Silicones Free
  • GMP-Certified GMP-Certified
  • GMO Free GMO Free
  • Synthetic Fragrance Free Synthetic Fragrance Free
  • Artificial Dye Free Artificial Dye Free

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