Daily Face Regime (Dry)
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In stock

Almond Honey Facewash and Scrub: TVAM's Almond Honey Scrub & Face Wash helps removes the impurities of your busy day from your tired face, and replaces it with moisture, even skin tone and reduced fine lines.
Day Cream: TVAM's Day Cream offers daily hydration, deep moisturization, restoration of skin vitality, and nourishment.
Night Cream: Experience how timeless knowledge can stall time itself. Restore the radiance of youth with TVAM's Anti Wrinkle Mantra Night Cream, an Ayurvedic herbal extract, containing almond oil, aloe vera, saffron, papaya, sandalwood oil and shea butter, that repairs skin degeneration, improves elasticity, deeply hydrates, and brings back that youthful glow.

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