Daily Body/Face Care Package (Oily Skin)
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In stock

Handmade soap Sea Buckthorn: It's time to make your skin feel loved and rejuvenated with TVAM’s All Natural Handmade Sea Buckthorn Bathing Bar. Detoxify your skin and feel minty fresh with the goodness of spearmint and sea buckthorn.
Body Lotion: TVAM's Almond, Saffron and Goat's Milk Body Lotion deeply hydrates and moisturizes your skin, leaving it soft and soothed. The fatty acids from goat's milk help lock in moisture, protect the skin barrier from free radicals and encourage the growth of healthy skin flora. While Vitamin E from almond oil offers moisture and nourishment, active compounds from saffron help treat inflammation, hyperpigmentation, sun damage and premature ageing.
Charcoal & greentea face wash: TVAM's Charcoal and Green Tea Face Wash does away with clogged pores, acne breakouts, inflammations, irritated skin and sunburns. This antibacterial cleanser gently exfoliates your skin, while deeply hydrating and moisturizing it.

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