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Coco Veda presents you with a highly versatile and pure form of Cold Processed Virgin Coconut oil that is 100% organic and cold processed, it contains zero heat and thus has multiple benefits for your hair, skin, body and health. It is an ideal moisturiser for your entire body and can also be used for oral health care and oil-pulling methods to rinse the toxins out of your body. Along with this, this coconut oil also has conditioning treatments for your diet and provides you with the nutritional benefits while used during cooking.

Size : 5 ml Sachet

Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil

  • 100% Organic and Pure.
  • Increases Fat Burn and promotes weight loss.
  • Kills harmful micro-organisms .
  • Reduces hunger, and thus controls appetite.
  • Reduces seizures. Raises good HDL cholesterol.
  • Protects Skin, Hair and Dental health.
  • Boosts brain function. Contains acids with medicinal properties that have powerful benefits on the brain and are being studied as treatments for epilepsy, Alzheimer and other conditions.

Other details about product and certifications:

All prices are inclusive of GST. Product is manufactured in the Philippines and is preservatives free. USDA Organic - CU No. 840039 Non EU Agriculture - PH-BIO-149 Halal IDCP 2015-F-770-01

What to expect?

The product must be kept in cool and dry conditions. Keep away from heat and sunlight. Due to changes in weather conditions the bottle might freeze. Don’t worry and just shake it off before use.

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