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About us

Our Company

TVAM, which in Sanskrit means “YOU” was founded in 2007 for the purpose of promoting a natural lifestyle and to provide a comprehensive range of high quality, natural beauty products to our customers. We cater to the segment of discerning customers who appreciate the wholesome goodness of natural ingredients. Tvam has a wide range of products for Hair, Face and Body Care. Our founder, Crisy Vasan, is an Engineer and Computer Science major who believes beauty lies in the eyes of the engineer.

Crisy Vasan - Founder Tvam Naturals

Our Products

Our Product Range

Are made with the highest quality, natural ingredients to pamper your skin and nurture your soul. We use only the purest herb extracts with maximum content of natural ingredients. We are motivated by our belief in herbs as effective ingredients in the improvement and maintenance of healthier, younger looking skin. In particular, our Oils, Hennas and Face Packs are 100% natural. We do this by using pure essential oils and extracts in our products that provide a natural fragrance. This makes our products more exclusive than other commercially available “natural” products which use chemical preservatives. Our range of products also includes Ayurvedic ingredients that bring the benefits of using authentic Ayurvedic recipes using Indian herbs.

Our Values

Tvam as in “You” the Customer are our priority. We will listen to you, and do our utmost to take care of your needs.

Natural – We believe that nature offers plenty of ingredients to help look after ourselves. So, our products will be as close to nature as possible.

Quality – Product quality is something we will not compromise on. The ingredients will be of the highest and purest quality that we can source.

Service – Not only will our product be of the finest quality, but we will strive to provide the best service to our customers. We will offer friendly service and ensure our customers derive the full benefit of our products.

We are in business to make reasonable profits; and we will do so with honesty and integrity.